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Product Breakdown: Envelopes

Product Breakdown: Envelopes

Mail your letters/corporate-related letters with a personalised envelope. Have your company brand logo printed on your envelopes so that your receivers will know that the mail is from you. With your company logo printed on your envelopes, it shows professionalism and seriousness in your business.

Company envelopes are a necessary item as it shows the company’s identity when mailing it out. It is good to always have it ready in your workspace when u need them. Especially in a corporate setting, you are constantly giving out letters, invoices, cheques, leaflets and many more that require you to mail out to your customers or clients.

Down to the details

We provide two types of envelopes; Ready Made Envelopes and Full Bleed Envelopes

Ready Made Envelopes

  • No printing to the edge
  • Printing on the Front Side Only
  • Flap Finishing: Peel and stick / Glue Stick
  • Size: DL (107.9 x 222.2mm), C5 (161.9 x 228.6mm), C4 (228.6 x 323.8mm)
  • With/Without Window
  • Envelope Flap Opening: Pocket Envelope (Open along short end)
  • Colours: 1-3 Pantone colours / CMYK colours

Full Bleed Envelopes

  • Printing can be done to the edge of the envelope
  • Printing on both front and back sides
  • Flap Finishing: Glue Stick
  • Size: 110 x 220mm, 101.6 x 228.6mm, 114.3 x 241.33mm
  • With/Without Window
  • Envelope Flap Opening: Wallet Envelope (Open along long end), Pocket Envelope
  • Colours: CMYK colours

Note that due to the difference in media (computers vs printed material), the colours shown on the screen will not correctly represent the printed colour. It is recommended to refer to the physical Pantone Swatch Book to check the actual printed colour for the respective Pantone Code.

Send us your design and we will print your envelopes for you. The lead time for our envelopes are 10 to 12 working days.

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