Shelf Wobblers

Artwork Requirements:

  • File: PDF, AI Format
  • Colour Mode: CMYK
  • DPI: 300
  • Text must be outlined
  • Images must be embedded

Innovative Shelf Wobbler Printing Solutions

Looking for an effective way to catch your customer’s eye in the retail environment? Our Shelf Wobbler printing service offers quick turnaround times to meet your marketing needs. Get your Shelf Wobblers printed and ready for dispatch on the same day for urgent orders, or within 1 business day for standard express orders, once your order is confirmed.

For the best service experience, we advise our clients to collect their Shelf Wobblers directly from our location at 65 Ubi Road 1, particularly for urgent requirements. Alternatively, you can arrange for a courier service to pick them up on your behalf.

Customization Options for Shelf Wobblers:

Elevate your in-store promotions with our diverse range of Shelf Wobbler materials, designed to suit every brand and message

We have standard square / rectangle / round or even custom shapes wobblers.

Each Shelf Wobbler is crafted to your specifications, with standard dimensions that ensure visibility without obstructing product views. We accept high-resolution (300 dpi) artwork in AI (outlined) or editable PDF format, including a 3mm bleed on all sides to ensure a perfect finish. Please note, we cannot accept MS Office documents or scanned images in PDF format.

To ensure the highest quality print, ensure your files are in CMYK colour mode.

The Importance of Shelf Wobblers in Retail:

Shelf Wobblers serve as silent salespeople on the retail floor, drawing attention to specific products and promotions with their dynamic movement and eye-catching designs. The cost of producing Shelf Wobblers is minimal compared to the potential increase in product visibility and sales they can generate, making them a highly valuable tool in retail marketing.

Your Shelf Wobbler should embody the essence of your brand and the product it promotes; it’s often the subtle nudge that converts a browser into a buyer. A poorly designed Shelf Wobbler might go unnoticed or, worse, detract from the product’s appeal. That’s why we advocate for professional design services to ensure your Shelf Wobblers are as effective as possible in driving sales and enhancing your retail presence.

Delivery Options:


  • – Courier: $5 for standard items | $12 for posters, banners, foamboards
  • – Courier (Same day delivery/Timeslot): $15
  • – Free delivery for orders above $100
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