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Product Breakdown: Wedding/ Event invitation cards

Product Breakdown: Wedding/ Event invitation cards

Invitation Cards are a very important part of every event, especially on weddings. It allows guests to save the date for the event beforehand. They are an effective way of reaching out to all targeted guests. Share the special date with your family and friends with a personalised invitation card.

Why print physical invitation cards instead of sending out digital invitation cards?

Printed invitation cards look more formal and personal. Excite your guests by giving them an invitation card leaving them to look forward to your event. Also, it reaches out to a wider range of people, especially to those who don’t use technology/social media like most of the older generation.

The majority of people still prefer to send out wedding invitation cards as they are traditional. A beautifully printed wedding invitation can be a sentimental value to you and your family that you may treasure in the future.

Down to the details

Our invitation card comes in two sizes; A4 & A5. The different materials we provide for our cards are;

  • 260gsm Art Card
  • 310gsm Art Card
  • 250gsm Ivory Card
  • 300gsm Ivory Card
  • 230gsm Linen Card
  • 250gsm Naturalist Absolute White
  • 300gsm Maple Bright
  • 250gsm Mirrorkote Card
  • 275gsm Kraft Paper

As for the 275gsm Kraft Paper, it is preferred that your design is in shades of black.

Lead time for the invitation cards to be ready will be 2 weeks so send in your orders early.

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