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Product Breakdown: Plastic Pens

Product Breakdown: Plastic Pens

The one item that will always be an essential in a workplace and at home is the pen. Since pens are used widely in multiple walks of life, customised pens are a great promotional gift for your business. It can be used as event giveaways.

Handing out of plastic pens is an inexpensive way of raising awareness for your business. With the personalised plastic pens as gifts, people will always be reminded of your business or company when using it.

Apart from gifts and giveaways, plastic pens can be used for your own office needs by your employees. Have your office desks filled with your own personalised company pens.

Down to the details.

Our plastic pens comes in two different models: Venus and Mercury. The colours available for Venus are black, blue, red and purple. As for Mercury, the colours available are silver, black and white. Artwork colour has to be in 100% K within the measurements of 40 x 6mm. Send us your design and we will print it for you.

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