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Product Breakdown : Desk Calendar

Product Breakdown : Desk Calendar

The desk calendar helps your business by managing company events and handling daily schedules effectively. There will be plenty of pointers and datelines that needs to be set as a reminder, in which the product can be used. It can be used as promotional material as well since it is something that your audience can use on a daily basis.

With the desk calendar present at your workspace, you can keep yourself up to date of your important and urgent tasks. It gives you easy accessibility to jot down your notes and datelines as it is just within your reach. It also helps you prioritise your tasks at work, to keep yourself organised.

Down to the details.

Our desk calendars come in two materials; 250gsm Ivory Card and 260gsm Art Card. You may choose to have your calendars in landscape or portrait. The stand comes in two colours; black and blue, with the choices of 500gsm Art Card or 700gsm Chipboard. Two colours are available for the wires that bind the calendar pages together; black or white. Our desk calendars come in either 16 pages or 28 pages.

Design your desk calendar and come print it with us.

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