Terms and Conditions
1. Artwork submitted will be processed for production/printing immediately if payment and artwork is good. Changes or cancellation is not allowed once production commences.
2. Payment is required before printing commences. The Copy Boy Pte Ltd is not responsible for delays in order resulting from delays in payment
2. Follow the payment instructions provided to submit your payment proof. The Copy Boy Pte Ltd is not responsible for delays in order resulting from insufficient payment proof.
3. Artwork to be submitted as per the specifications required for the product. The Copy Boy Pte ltd is not responsible for delays in order resulting from error in artwork.
4. Printing lead time will be as stated on the product page. Please check with sales staff if you require your order urgently.
5. The Copy Boy Pte Ltd offers warranty on your print product for production related issues.
6. Replacement / Reprint will be made for same item only. No change of design, size/dimensions, product will be allowed.
7. Replacement / Reprint requests need to be submitted within 7 days from date of Collection/ Delivery. Claims after 7 days will not be entertained.
8. Due to nature of CMYK printing, colour variation is inevitable. Colour variation will not be considered as production defects.
9. Artwork related defects (blurry and low quality print, small texts, border artwork, approved) are not production defects, therefore The Copy Boy Pte Ltd will not accept re-print or refund requests for related issues.
9a. Blurry and low quality: Pixelated images and text on the artwork will be printed as per the artwork. If the artwork is low resolution, low quality print result is not production defect.
9b. Small Texts: Font and text sizes is a subjective matter. The Copy Boy Pte Ltd will in the best of ability advise if small texts are detected on the artwork but through scan and check of all artworks is not possible, therefore it is advisable to avoid thin fonts or small texts on your artwork design. Small texts printed is artwork related defect therefore not a production defect.
9c. Border Artwork: Border-like artwork will result in uneven border during the trimming process. This issue cannot be avoided. We will recommend against border-like artwork. Uneven border cannot be avoided, and is not a production defect.
9d. Approved Artwork: The Copy Boy Pte Ltd may assist in creating or editing the artwork upon request. Artworks will be provided for approval. The Copy Boy Pte Ltd is not responsible for spelling errors, typo mistakes or other artwork related issues on approved artworks.
10. For large quantity productions, small quantities of the print product might have production defects (stains etc). Each print run typically comes with an additional 1 to 10% extra print (depending on the order) to cover for such defective prints. There will be no re-print for this.
11. Our printing lead time for different print is stated on the print product page. We strive to deliver the prints on time as promised, but there may be delays due to unforeseen circumstances that is not within our control. In such circumstances, Copy Boy will deliver the prints at the earliest time possible. No refund will be provided for late delivery.
12. We reserve the right to refuse any Re-print/ Re-production / Re-fund request.
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