Who are we?

We are The Copy Boy, Singapore’s wholesale printing company. Offering the most affordable prices for quality printing services.

What is with the CB Car?

It was a gloomy Monday at work when The Copy Boss came into office. Looking at everybody going about their mundane tasks, The Copy Boss decided to give us a coffee break at Starbucks with the requirement to come back with ONE brilliant marketing campaign for the month. Armed with the boss’ Starbucks card, $300 and the company’s car keys, we took the day off and disappeared. After 3 hours and a ton of ideas from Google, we still couldn’t figure out how to put the $300 to good use.

The Copy Girl suggested that since the car was “part” of the resource package given for the marketing campaign, lets have some fun with it. A Taxi wrap marketing campaign easily starts at thousands of dollars. So with the little money we had, we got some paint markers and volla! The CB Car goes on the road!

PS: The Copy Boss hasn’t seen the car just yet. He’ll probably see it soon on Instagram or social media platforms.

What's up at The Copy Boy?

Well, we do wholesale printing. So that means you get business cards that goes as low as $2.50/box. Thats full colour and matt laminated too!

Apart from business cards, we print flyers, brochures, books, magazines and many many more.

Contact Us?

We are located at:

35 Kallang Pudding Road
#08-02 Tong Lee Building Block A (Rear Wing)
Singapore 349314

Tel: 66816520
Email: sales@thecopyboy.com

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